College Students and Young Adults 


College Students and Young Adults meet on Zoom

every Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Zoom information can be requested by clicking the button below and emailing the church office.
Going away to college, navigating relationships in a new place, getting that first “real job,” and finding your own place are all part of growing up, but they can also be incredibly nerve-wracking experiences. It’s easy to feel lonely and stressed as a young adult—especially if you don’t have a community supporting you.

Young Adults

Whether you’ve been attending GPC for your entire life or have just moved into the area, we invite you to become part of our community. Being an adult is hard. But it’s a little easier when you aren’t alone.

College Students

We want to stay in contact with you, but we need your college address to do that! Email the church office by clicking the button below or drop your address, marked “College Address,” in the offering plate on Sunday morning.