Fruits of the Spirit: Love

A couple of weeks ago, in the mindfulness exercise on peace, we imagined we were in a room with a small puppy. We wanted the puppy to come sit in our lap. For that to happen, we needed to become very calm, to slow ourselves down far enough that the puppy wouldn’t just come play with us, but that he would crawl into our lap and fall asleep. We could feel warmth and the softness of the puppy, feel him beathing, maybe even feel his tiny little puppy heart beating. It makes us feel very good, very special to have the puppy sit in our lap like that. Sometimes the puppy may get up and walk away, if that happens, it’s ok, just slowly, gently bring the puppy back to your lap.
Today, I would like to add a little something to that mindfulness exercise. Once, the puppy is calm and happy and quietly sitting in your lap, imagine yourself in a bubble of love – you and the puppy in a bubble of quiet, calm love. Rest there with that idea for a minute or two.

Now I would like you to imagine someone you know. This someone is not a particularly good friend, just someone you know. Now send that person a bubble of love. Sit for a minute or two with the picture of that person surrounded by the bubble of love you sent them. Imagine them suddenly feeling calm, happy and loved. Imagine how that makes you feel too.

Lastly, I would like you to imagine someone you are not very fond of, perhaps even someone you really don’t like or maybe are a little afraid of. Imagine sending that person a bubble of love. This may feel odd, or uncomfortable, but give it a try – send that person that you don’t particularly like or are afraid of a bubble of love. Imagine them suddenly surrounded by love. Imagine them calming down and feeling relaxed and good. Imagine them feeling loved. Now imagine how you feel.
It’s usually pretty easy to love those we love, it is harder to love those we don’t particularly like or are afraid of, but that is EXACTLY what Jesus wants us to do. And I bet, you discovered that it makes us feel very good too.
Simple things, done with great love.
-Carolyn Hayes
Director of Children & Young Family Ministries