Generosity – In a word, that’s what we aim to cultivate.  God is greatly generous and we want to exhibit that quality, too.

Have you ever gone to a funeral where they talked about how much the dead person owned?  Probably they talked about how much that person shared.  We all recognize sharing as a better measure of worth.

At GPC, we share with neighbors around the community and also around the world.  Every week, we give hands-on opportunities to practice living more like Jesus.

We offer practical and Biblical teaching on such matters as:

  • Managing personal finance God’s way
  • Getting out of debt
  • Saving and investing
  • Health care costs in retirement
  • Wills, bequests, and estate planning
  • Tax-advantaged giving
  • Talking with family members about money
  • Separating needs from wants
It’s impossible to follow Jesus and not be generous!  We’re not perfect, but we’re committed to growing.
2022 Annual Stewardship Operating Budget Campaign

Lenten Mission Project is a Success

Once again we have surpassed our goal!

The goal of this year’s Lenten Mission Project was to collect $20,000, to be divided equally between a local project and a global one. Thanks to our generous members and visitors we received $32,135 in gifts.
The local Book Drive project will purchase of one book per child for the 715 students at Summit Hall Elementary School (SHES) and for our 39 students at Gaithersburg Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten (GPP&K). The decisions for age-appropriate books, as well as the most cost-effective way to make the purchase, will be made in collaboration with the SHES media specialist and the GPP&K director. GPC will work with the schools to find a way for our church family to be personally involved in presenting the books to the children.
The global project selected is Living Water International. It is a 501(c)(3) Christian organization that “exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water and to experience ‘living water’—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.” The organization assists all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, gender, race, or ethnic background. In the last 25 years, they have completed over 20,000 water projects serving five million people, primarily in South America and Africa. They mobilize churches and communities in the developing world to cultivate sustainable water, improve sanitation, and develop hygiene programs, and serve as an ongoing witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.



Living Legacy Fellowship


Beyond These Walls


In 2010, GPC launched a capital campaign named “Within These Walls.” With the money raised, we were able to make many needed repairs to the church property. Part of GPC’s plan was to give a portion of the funds collected to local and international missions and nonprofits—to share this generosity on behalf of our donors. We referred to these mission tithes as our “Beyond These Walls” gifts. The “Within These Walls” campaign concluded in 2019.

In June 2019, GPC presented a check for $10,000 to Rev. Derek Longbrake, Donor Relations Manager for Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless.
This check was used to help our neighbors find permanent, supportive housing. We were honored to hear the testimony of a former client, who spoke about his experience of homelessness and the positive impact that permanent housing has afforded him.



In February 2019, GPC gave $10,000 to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. This PC(USA) program provides humanitarian relief to communities in the United States and around the world who have been traumatized by catastrophe.

GPC became directly involved with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) in April of 2006, when we went on our first mission trip to New Orleans to help with the post-Katrina recovery. That was 14 years and several disasters ago! Since then, over 100 people have joined us on one or more of these semi-annual mission trips. However, three people stand out for special recognition, and GPC made this gift to PDA in their honor.

Fletcher Tukes (center of photo) is our Construction Manager and he remains the only person to have gone on all 27 trips. Bob and Mary Wasik (on the right) have served as administrative leaders and have also personally recruited dozens of the volunteers who have joined us. They are mission-evangelists!


In December 2018, GPC reached across the ocean to give the last WTW mission tithe of the year. This gift went to The Outreach Foundation and was designated for the Justo Mwale Theological College in Lusaka, Zambia.

GPC’s former pastor and his wife, Rev. Ted and Mrs. Sue Wright, lived on the campus of Justo Mwale when they served as PC(USA) Regional Liaisons for four years. They got to know the faculty and the student body very well and enjoyed visits to some of the home congregations. They also know the need the students have for scholarships to study. We are pleased to make this gift to The Outreach Foundation in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Wright.

In September 2018, GPC gave $10,000 to Housing Unlimited, Inc. Abe Schuchman, CEO, accepted the check on behalf of the more than 300 people who are on a waiting list.

Housing Unlimited, Inc. (HUI) has provided affordable and permanent housing to people with psychiatric disabilities since 1995. Residents are proud to live independently. They pay rent, have their own rooms, and schedule their own social and recreational activities. Some residents have part-time jobs and others engage in educational or other supportive services.

View the 2018 Welcome Home Celebration highlight video of tenants sharing their journeys of mental health recovery from homelessness to independence. Our gift will be used to help purchase the next house for our neighbors in need.

In July 2018, GPC gave $10,000 to PC(USA) World Missions, designated for God’s work in Togo.

Part of being a Presbyterian means that we are connected to congregations throughout the United States and across the world. Presbyterians in the United States have a long history (over two centuries) of sending missionaries to foreign lands and building churches, schools, and hospitals in the name of Jesus Christ. In the second half of the 20th century, the mission focus changed a bit. Instead of sending missionaries to tell foreigners how to evangelize, teach, and heal, we now listen to our mission partners as they tell us how God is calling them to serve. PC(USA) World Missions then tries to find the human, financial, and materiel resources to help mission partners fulfill God’s call.

Presbyterian Church leaders in Togo will discern the best use of our gift. Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, the funds will be in place so God’s work can proceed!


In November 2017, GPC gave $10,000 to Interfaith Works to support its newly renovated Women’s Center in Rockville, Maryland.
Rev. Mary Beth Lawrence presents Shane Rock, CEO of Interfaith Works, with a $10,000 check from GPC’s “Within These Walls” capital campaign. The Women’s Center provides emergency shelter, meals, and case management to more than 250 women annually through a 70-bed facility.



In October 2016, GPC gave $10,000 to the Warrior Canine Connection to support recovering combat veterans and their families.

In 13 years of war, an estimated 446,000 Warriors have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). The Warrior Canine Connection is a pioneering organization that uses its Mission Based Trauma Recovery model to support recovering combat veterans and their families. They provide Warriors with a regained sense of purpose through the opportunity to engage in a critical military support mission while simultaneously receiving treatment for their own PTS and TBI symptoms. Based on the time-honored tradition of Warriors helping Warriors, their mission is to train highly skilled service dogs that provide years of mobility and social support to veterans with disabilities.

This Washington Post article describes what a difference these service dogs are making in the lives of veterans and their families.

In May 2016, GPC gave $10,000 to The Outreach Foundation for relief efforts in Syria.
The news coverage of the largely Middle Eastern refugee crisis, which continues to unfold in Europe, has brought shocking images into our homes. The unsettling reality of this situation is that most of the refugees have not made it out of the Middle East and have, instead, become the humanitarian burden of nearby countries.
When you compound the crisis with 3.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iraq and 7.6 million IDPs in Syria, you will appreciate why The Outreach Foundation has chosen to focus its efforts on finding resources for our church partners in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan as they care for neighbors—Christian, Muslim, and Yazidis—who have had to flee to a safer area in their own country or have found a safe haven across a nearby border. In all these places and through all these efforts, Christ is glorified and his name made known. The church in these places is a bright light in the darkness and a word of hope in the swirl of despair. Note: The Outreach Foundation is Charity Navigator’s highest-rated charity in its Religious Activities group, with a four-star rating.

In April 2016, GPC gave $10,000 to Nourish Now, a food recovery nonprofit organization headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.
Nourish Now works to alleviate food insecurity in Montgomery County, Maryland, and beyond by reducing the amount of unused fresh food that would otherwise be wasted. It strives to meet this goal by collecting surplus fresh food from dedicated food donor partners throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Food is then redistributed directly to families in need and to over 60 other Montgomery County nonprofit organizations that provide food assistance to those in need.


Remember, giving doesn’t always need to involve money. 
Any gift to GPC is an eternal investment in our local and global communities!