Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Participating twice a year on mission trip rebuilding projects

GPC-led teams have participated in 29 mission trips to work for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance on rebuilding projects. Groups go on mission trips twice a year, normally in the spring and the fall. We have made 9 trips to the Gulf Coast to assist with Hurricane Katrina relief; 4 trips to Nashville, Tennessee, for flood rebuilding; 2 trips to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to build houses for tornado victims; 5 trips to the New York/New Jersey area to provide assistance after Hurricane Sandy; 3 trips to Charleston, South Carolina, for flood rebuilding; 2 trips to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to assist victims of wildfires; 2 trips to Cumberland, Maryland, for repairs to homes of owners in particular need; and 2 trips to New Bern, North Carolina, to repair a home damaged by flooding from Hurricane Florence.
Fletcher Tukes has participated in ALL 29 mission trips. In June 2016, he was honored for his leadership and participation in GPC’s first 21 trips. Fletcher (left), Pastor Mary Beth Lawrence (center), and Bob Wasik (right) are pictured above.

Several PDA mission trips were cancelled during surges of COVID-19 but resumed in October 2021. For news about future trips, contact Rev. Lawrence.

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Global Missionaries

Please keep our church-supported missionaries in your prayers.
Jeff & Christie Boyd
(PCUSA Regional Liaisons)
Alan & Faby Gordon
(Palm Mission Ministries, Inc.)
Mark & Christine Currie
(New Hope International)
Fraser & Liz Bennett
(Wycliffe Bible Translators)
Rev. Norman Gordon
(Bi-Vocational Bridge Leader)
Elliott Simko
(Coalition for Christian Outreach)
United World Missions
(name withheld for security reasons)
Juliana Ziorklui
We also support a Christian ministry in Pakistan, which strengthens churches’ Christian Educational programs
and offers outreach programs to all the children and families of Pakistan.
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