GPC’s Inclement Weather Policy 

Sunday mornings: GPC is always open, but we cannot guarantee the condition of driveways, walks, or parking areas. Use your best judgment about whether or not to attend. If the weather is bad, we will worship God at the 11:00 a.m. service only. 
Office on weekdays: Open, if staff members are able to reach GPC.
Mid-week children’s & youth programs: If Montgomery County Public Schools are closed, GPC programs are cancelled.
Other meetings and programs, including retreats, off-campus events, and the church office: GPC may close at the discretion of the responsible staff member or lay leader.
Note: Even if the building is open or the program is running, do not make the trip if you think conditions make it too hazardous to drive; instead, contact your supervisor or ministry leader.

If a state of emergency is declared, all activities will be cancelled.