Young Families



The mission of the Young Families program is to connect with God and one another in this ever-changing stage of life. A Young Family is defined as a parent or parents with at least one child in the pre-teen years.


Young Families Ministries

The daily life of a young family can be consumed by hectic schedules, stress, challenges of raising small children, paying mortgages, and career advancement, while trying to discover where faith and values intersect with reality.

A growing number of families with young children are finding it important to be part of a church now more than ever. At GPC they come to find friends who can be trusted, discuss issues common to young families, seek advice and spiritual guidance, and discover opportunities to live out their faith through service in the community.

The Young Families program at GPC provides support through annual retreats, discipleship groups, and fellowship events throughout the year.


2021–2022 Sunday School Registration

If you have any questions regarding this form or registering for Sunday School, please contact the church office to speak with
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